Know our story

About us

Mason Recovery is a network of drug addiction recovery centers that works closely with clients to craft unique treatment plans that address the whole mental health of each client and functions as a comprehensive guide to meet each person’s needs.

After admitting to yourself you have a problem you can’t control on your own, you will be admitted to our drug detox clinic for a supervised withdrawal. You will get rid of the physical dependence on the drug with by going through the symptoms as safely, comfortably, and efficiently as possible. Then, the long-term therapy will begin. Through one-on-one sessions with an individual therapist, you will craft a unique treatment plan that will address any underlying issues and work to overcome the root of the problem. After group therapy sessions that allow you to open up and receive advice, you will sent off with an aftercare program that gives you the support you need to stay sober indefinitely.

Our mission

We believe in you. Our goal is to work towards a world where addiction is treated and acknowledged like the disease it is. We work tirelessly to educate and treat clients with compassion as well as advanced methods that allow us to treat your overall mental health.

Treating the whole person is the key to recovery. Finding their trauma, discovering their past, and treating mental health allow the client to find a happy and fulfilling life. Group therapy will enable you to share your story, hear others, and exchange insightful in a safe environment.

10 years of experience

Over the years, we have seen all different types of people and have treated all kinds of addictions. We have seen it all. By seeing so many different types of addictions, we are ready for anything and can bend to treat your needs and circumstances.

We will apply this knowledge and experience to your case in every way. From knowing how you will respond to withdrawal to what you will need in aftercare. This is why honesty is so crucial within the treatment process. We need to get to know you to supplement our knowledge about addictions. Every two people different, every two addictions are different, and therefore every two treatments should be different. Call us today to see how we can bend and change to meet your needs and propel you into a great new life.

Mason Recovery works day in and day out to provide thoughtful addiction services that are catered to your needs, implemented with an ultimate sense of compassion.